“Think OPSEC, operation security!”
“Be all that you can be because we need you in the army!”
“Aim High. Air Force.”
Didn't everyone fall in love with advertising after watching military commercials?

Okay, maybe not, but Beth Ann Parnell fell in love with advertising and marketing at a young age when it was a "treat" to watch "real" commercials. She had only seen military commercials as an Air Force brat growing up in Europe. Singing jingles, rehearsing slogans, playing advertising games, and even attempting to write her own pretend commercials, were all common sources of childhood entertainment. One would think this strong love of advertising would lead to a clear focus in college, but Beth Ann found college to be a door of opportunities into many career fields and areas of learning. While enjoying studying many different degrees, she still held communications, advertising, and marketing as a part of her dream and finally her degree.

The intrigue of so many different career opportunities remains alive today. Your business or organization provides a door of opportunity to us to learn how you are working to make an impact on the world. It is a fascinating task each time we learn from others, and it is a blessing to help you reveal the brilliance of your company through your brand. From those days of feature writing, editing, and graphic design in college to over 20 years in various roles in the advertising arena, BAP Agency, LLC offers us the privilege to help you make your "mark" on the world.

You can think of Beth Ann as your personal idea generator who will walk with you through each step of your business to help you see your potential in building your brand. When ideas lead to areas that are not her expertise, she partners with other designers, photographers, marketers, and professionals to provide you the best service available.

Our team sees this venture as opening the door to a new journey of building a customer-service-first advertising and marketing firm where we can provide you the best in all of your advertising and marketing needs. Advertising campaign development, ad placement, promotional products, graphic design, copywriting, branding, and helping you build your brand both internally and externally are all part of the BAP Agency where we are your Branding & Advertising Professionals!